Our areas of expertise

Between yesterday’s rigid corporate strategic planning models and today’s often rather simplistic financial control models, you find the more attractive strategic control model. In corporations which have selected the last approach, or something close to this model, two important “parenting roles” can often be identified: fostering corporate innovation of excellence and the development of a good corporate platform for performance assessments. On our home page and further under its subheading Images of the future, we argue that first-rate management of innovation is a success factor of the utmost importance to all companies in the Process Industries for attaining such an innovation performance of excellence.

In the improvement of your company innovation management, you may sometimes benefit from the use of outside expertise in selected areas of MOT. There are, however, few professional consulting organisations whose area of expertise lies in Management of Innovation & Technology (MOT), and even fewer whose area of expertise lies in Management of Innovation & Technology in the Process Industries.

Under the subheadings of this part of our website you will find short presentations of five selected areas of MOT where we believe we have acquired deep knowledge and exclusive working practice. In all those areas we have developed professional industrial consulting services adapted to companies in the Process Industries. Under each area you will find a brief description of the subject area and afterwards a short presentation of our consulting services. For each of those areas you will then find further information by clicking one of the red buttons, but do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Why not let us use our expertise to help you to improve your company performance in innovation?