Original and informal working practices



A complex subject area such as management of Innovation and Technology (MOT) is often difficult to learn from books or by conventional teaching methods. To acquire a deeper understanding of this difficult and original area, an equally original approach to the transfer of knowledge must often be adopted.

“The Way is in a higher place than righteousness. … There is a method of getting to this Way, however, even if one cannot discover it by himself. This is found in consultation with others. … It is like the saying from the game of go: He who sees from the side has eight eyes. The saying: Thought by thought we see our own mistakes, also means that the highest Way is in discussion with others.” Yamamoto Tsunetomo, 1716. This ancient proverb from the HAGAKURE, a book written by a Japanese samurai, is often still valid.

It is thus not only enlightening to get a different perspective on matters from somebody outside of one’s own organisation, but the best way to obtain this knowledge is often through discussions.

Our consultancy has gradually developed modes of working practices with our clients that are well adapted to each specific topic. Depending on the nature of the project and our client’s specific preferences, we can select and establish a working practice that fits the needs for each client.