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New blinab office location in Sweden:

The blinab company new address close to Eskilstuna is: B&L Innovation AB, Rinkesta Säteri, Mejeriet, 64043 Ärla Sweden


Thomas Lager affiliated Professor at Mälardalen University in Sweden

 Thomas Lager was 1st of June appointed Affiliated Professor at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineeering at the Campus Eskilstuna


Recent academic publications:

Lager, T., and Samuelsson, P. Managing product variety under operational constraints: a process-industrial outlook, Presented at the ISPIM Innovation Conference, Stockholm, Sweden on 17-20 June 2018.

Lager, T. A conceptual framework for platform-based design of non-assembled products, Technovation, 2017, 68, pp. 20-34.

Lager, T. A conceptual analysis of contextual and inherent conditions for innovation in the process industries, International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, 2017, Vol. 9, Iss. 3.

Lager, T. A Reassessment of the QFD Product Development Methodology from the Perspective of Knowledge Creation and Utilization. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, 2017, Vol. 8; Nos. 3/4.

Lager, T., Samuelsson, P., and Storm, P.  Modelling Company Generic Production Capabilities in Process Industries: A Configuration Approach. International Journal of Production and Operations Management, 2017, Vol. 37, Iss 2, pp. 126 – 161.